5 Questions with Lisa from Lullabies on Baby Sleep and Feeding

5 Questions with Lisa from Lullabies on Baby Sleep and Feeding

Episode 6 of Next of Kin Parents Podcast is still one of my most downloaded, which makes me think that you are all having just as hard time with your babies sleep and/or feeding as me!

In the episode I had a great chat with Lisa from Lullabies and I particularly enjoyed hearing about her work in Saudi Arabia as a NICU nurse, but what we all need help with is the sleep and feeding right! So I asked Lisa to answer 5 most asked questions:

1. How to get a baby to take a bottle? What is your top tip for bottle refusal?

If they are past 6 months old you can skip the bottle and try a sippy cup instead. You'll need to wean your baby off a bottle or teat-based product at 12 or 18 months (guidelines vary by country) so you can go straight to cups. I recommend getting 2 different coloured cups. One for milk and one for water. It is a great visual cue for your baby.

2. Do you recommend Montessori floor beds?

Honestly, no. They are great for a child's autonomy and independence, but in my experience, you will spend the whole night having to put them back into bed!

3. Can I still co-sleep whilst sleep training?

Yes, you absolutely can! But do expect for it to take a bit longer. 

4. My baby is moving about and/or making noises at night but his eyes are still closed. Should I pick him up?

In my opinion, no. They are probably still asleep, babies can move and be noisy in their sleep. Ask yourself who are you picking them up for, them or you?

5. Do I have to give up breastfeeding or night-wean to sleep train/coach?

No, if you work with me then I take all of this into account and tailor an approach to work with each individual family to support them and meet their needs. But no, you shouldn't need to give up breastfeeding.

For more click here to listen to my episode with Lisa.

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