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5 Questions with The Scottish Soul Sister

I had the pleasure of chatting with Nikki aka The Scottish Soul Sister about all things maternal mental health and postpartum on episode 5 of Next of Kin Parents Podcast. I found the conversation invaluable and so timely for me, 7 months postpartum at the time. Just recently I decided that with everything happening in my life right now it was time that I started her online course, it must be far better for my mental health to read through that instead of mindlessly doom-scrolling instagram whilst I am nap-trapped, trying to call this scrolling 'work'.

So for today's post I want to share 5 questions that I recently asked Nikki. If you haven't already, I would really recommend for you to go back and listen to her episode.

1. How can I start to love my body again after having a baby?

Replace the old clothes which depress you when they don't fit anymore. You also need to reframe your thoughts, there is nothing wrong with having healthy plans to get your body to where you want it, but you also need to accept your body, and remind yourself that you grew a whole human!

2. What are the 6 human needs?

Certainty, variety, significance, love & connection, contribution and growth. These underpin my online course.

3. How does your morning routine impact your mental health?

I start the day with a 7 minute workout, it gives me clarity and wakes me up. I also like to sit and have a family breakfast in a calm and organised manner, no rushing out the door. It set's me up well and has a knock on effect with the rest of my day.

4. Talk me through your 10 step online programme

The course is a collection of easy to implement tips and tools to work through at your own pace. Some of the steps I cover are budgets, scheduling and planning, passion projects, body image, relationships, habits and more...

5. Why is budgeting one of these steps?

Money often carries a lot of power and couples can be quite secretive about it. It is important as a couple to talk about it openly. Having a baby expensive, so doing a budget sheet can give a sense of control, comfort and help with resentment too.

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