6 Career Ideas for Those Who Don't Want to Return to Work

6 Career Ideas for Those Who Don't Want to Return to Work

In episode 5 of Next of Kin Parents Podcast my wonderful guest Nikki aka The Scottish Soul Sister gave us all permission to use the transition to Motherhood as a time to evolve, you don't have to be the same person as before, and that can extend to your career. It's very natural to be second guessing whether your current role works for you and whether you even enjoy it anymore. So if you are in need of a bit of career inspiration, or just to diversify your income with a side hustle then these are my 6 ideas for you...

1. Start your own business 

It may be an idea relating to what you do now, a dream you have or, like me, something that you had said "someone really ought to start a business doing XYZ". The hardest bit is to get started, but the best way to do this is to get working on a business plan (lots of templates online).

2. Teach

No, I don't mean re-train as a teacher! Taking your current career or hobby/interest, can you teach this or the skills surrounding this. There are many different ways, tutoring, online courses, 1 to 1 training, HR business courses, lecturing etc.

3. Freelancing or consulting

Can you simply take what you do now and do it for yourself freelance? Or can you consult on it, for me I am still considering consulting either as a retail consultant, for new brands or scaling brands, or on the supplier side.

4. Re-train

Is now a good time for you to do all the required training for that dream job you've always wanted? Or do you have an interest like nails or massage which you could train in and get up and running relatively quickly? Even if it isn't the long term goal, it could be a fun career pivot. Also consider the world of remote or online working, if you have a particular skill in something like design or editing then get yourself set up of Fiver and Upwork. Even if you don't have these skills yet, they are easy to learn for free on youtube or an online course.

5. Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you could monetise in some way? Perhaps a craft that you can start selling or a niche which you could write or blog about?

6. Changes to your current role

Still like what you are doing, but it's not working for your new family life? Then look into whether you can go part time, remote or flexible. Also look into whether joining another team internally or externally could be an option.

For the full episode listen here.

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