6 Reasons why Becoming a Mum is a Super Power for your Career

6 Reasons why Becoming a Mum is a Super Power for your Career

The main topic of conversation at any Mummy meet ups during my maternity leave was how on earth we are meant to go back to work! The short maternity leave available here in UAE doesn’t help matters, when you are just getting used to your new role as Mummy you are expected to be able to juggle your 9-5 and childcare too. But, having said that, mentally we go through a big shift in perspective and acquire a whole host of skills and characteristics when we become Mothers, so below are 6 reasons why being a Mum should be advantageous for your career:

  1. Patience and Resilience

These are the most quoted new characteristics that I hear from Mums and I can’t think of any situation or career path where increased patience and resilience wouldn’t be hugely useful

  1. Prioritization

The huge shift in perspective that we experience when becoming a Mother often means that we no longer sweat the small stuff and with so much on our plate we are able to clearly filter and become hyper-focused on the most important priorities

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Emotional intelligence is often sourced as one of the most important characteristics for success as a manager or leader. As a Mum you are very in tune with your little being in a way no one else around you is. This newfound nurturing skill translates to your interpersonal skills which you can use when building key relationships or to become a more empathetic boss or colleague.

  1. Confidence

In contrast to my loss of confidence around my identity, I personally felt a Mama Bear ignited within than was a complete go-getter. You’ve likely never had such a strong motivator to succeed before than providing for your baby. You can channel that Mama Bear within to ensure that the people from senior management who used to intimidate you are now nothing. You grew, birthed and kept alive a little helpless human. A presentation <or insert your workplace fear here> is nothing, you can do this whilst simultaneously planning dinner and your shopping list.

  1. Multitasking

My life is now so busy that it is inevitable that I need to multi-task constantly to get everything done. Juggling numerous priorities effectively will make you a super productive worker.

  1. Problem Solving

As a Mum you are faced with new challenges each day which you couldn’t have anticipated so you are constantly in problem solving mode. Being adaptable and innovative is highly valued by employers.

So, whether you are heading back to work, embarking on a new career path, or staying home, I hope you have been able to identify some areas in which you have grown since becoming a mum and you deserve a medal for developing a whole new host of skills.

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