Emma Coulter for Regular Mumz

Emma Coulter for Regular Mumz

I want to share with you a short piece of writing that I wrote for Regular Mumz, which you can see on their instagram:

I spent my teens and twenties wishing to be a Luxury Fashion Buyer but I spent my whole life wanting to become a Mum. So when I sat there in front of a disgruntled HR needing to choose between my career or being the Mum I always wanted to be, I knew I was going to have to pivot quickly.
With a small cushion of savings, I decided to quit corporate life and design my own career going forwards. I launched a podcast Next of Kin Parents Podcast and worked on a brand. People told me I was so ‘brave’ for quitting my dream job and taking such a big risk, but to me, the real risk would have been missing out on motherhood because I was glued to a laptop or travelling for work.

In 30 years from now would I look back and wish I worked for that brand for a few years longer or would I regret missing first steps, first words and soaking in my beautiful baby girl?

Thank you @regularmumz for posting!

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