Julie Haydn-Higgins aka The IG Midwife Answers our Top 5 Pregnancy Questions

Julie Haydn-Higgins aka The IG Midwife Answers our Top 5 Pregnancy Questions

On episode 10 of Next of Kin Parents Podcast I was joined by a very special guest Julie @igmidwife and was able to put our most commonly asked pregnancy questions to her for our Mums-to-be.

1. How can I ease my morning sickness and what are the best pregnancy sickness cures?

My favourite recommendation is pickled beetroot or ginger biscuits but you need to find out your own triggers and things to avoid, for me it was certain smells. It might also help to eat little and often.

2. Does it matter how much weight I put on? How much weight is too much to gain during pregnancy?

I think that you need to enjoy pregnancy, everyones bodies are different and everyones bodies react differently to each pregnancy. You can worry about losing the weight afterwards. If your body is really hungry or craving something I think it is trying to tell you something.

3. How will I know when I am in labour?

Don't worry, you will definitely know. The pain is different to braxton hicks.

4. How do I choose a good Obstetrician in Dubai, UAE?

Consider what kind of birth that you would like and what sort of personality will suit you to enable you to enjoy your pregnancy. Some doctors are more laidback than other, some take charge and are very 'medical' so you need to decide what suits you. Or just contact me and I'll help!

5. What pregnancy myth can you bust for us?

I have 2: Firstly, you CAN drink coffee, 200mg a day. Secondly, you CAN dye your hair. But let your hairdresser know that you are pregnant and redo the patch test even if you have had it before. A lot changes during pregnancy and the hair dye can even work differently.

You can hear Julie's full answers on episode 10


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